Gardening Tips And Hacks

Whether planning to establish a garden in your empty backyard or planning to expand and renovate your existing garden, it\’s better to be aware of the gardening tips and hacks that can help you beautify and improve your garden. Remember these simple and easy to do tips for a better garden.

  1. Use lemon or citrus peels for your seedlings- Instead of throwing away lemon or citrus peels, keep them for they can be used as little pots for your seedlings. Simply poke small holes at the bottom of the peel that will serve as its drainage fill the peel with planting soil, sow the seed and sprinkle right amount of water. When the seedling is finally ready to be transplanted, you can now plant it to your desired pot or directly in your garden. Plant it together with the peel. The peel will eventually decompose and will serve as fertilizer to your seedlings.
  2. Keep your plants hydrated even during vacations- There will be times that you have to go out of town or vacations that could last for days. During those times, you can\’t help but worry on how to maintain your indoor plants watered, especially if it\’s a newly bought and planted seedlings sold from garden plants for sale stalls or shops. You can easily solve this problem. All you have to do is to roll some paper towels tightly without breaking it. When done, dunk the paper towel\’s end in a glass filled with water. Lay the remaining paper towel across the soil, in a way that the plants are an inch away from each other.
  3. Useful coffee filters for flower pots- Next time, when you\’re planning to repot a plant, use coffee filters when lining the pot to keep the soil from sneaking out and clogging up the drainage when you water it. Whether it\’s a pot of beautiful roses, or camellias Christchurch or any ornamental and vegetable plants, you don\’t have to worry for the messy soils scattered at the bottom of your flower pots ruining the view, a simple coffee filter will do the trick. Check this website to find out more details.
  4. Cooking water as fertilizer- Every time you\’ll boil vegetables, meat or eggs, don\’t waste the water stack down the drain. You can use it as a helpful water fertilizer. Wait for the water to cool down before pouring it in your plants. You\’ll not only fertilize your plants but you\’ll also save water.
  5. Use ladder plant stand to maximize space- You can buy a ladder plant stand or be crafty enough to make your own. Ladder plant stand allows you to have more space especially if you only have a limited or small garden. It will also help you in organizing and beautifying your little leafy and flowery space.

These are just simple and easy to do gardening tricks you can use even if you\’re a pro or beginner.